The Insomniac

After someone breaks into John Figg's home and takes all of his material and sentimental possessions, he develops a severe case of insomnia and learns that the people around him are not as trustworthy as they appear to be.

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About Welcome Home Productions, LLC

WELCOME HOME PRODUCTIONS, located in Hollywood, California, was formed in December 2010 to create and produce high-quality feature-length movies in the ever-growing world of independent cinema. With an array of films with secured distribution deals in domestic and international markets, Welcome Home Productions proves to be a fast-growing force in entertainment. 

Welcome Home Productions has also been instrumental in getting a number of big-budget projects off the ground through development funding, equity, and established professional relationships. Our goal is to bring films to the big screen with unique characters, themes not commonly touched upon on big blockbuster films, and stories we believe audiences genuinely want to see.

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  • Film Production
  • Production Supervising & Management
  • Consulting Services
  • Development & Gap Financing

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